Monday, November 14, 2011

Mural: The Last Supper


If you live near the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, you may want to stop in to see Devorah Sperber's Threads of Perception exhibit. used 20,736 spools of thread to recreate a life-size version of “After the Last Supper”… upside down. To see a condensed, clear version of the thread “pixels”, you must see the piece through a small Viewing Sphere, which reorients the image through its reflection.

Sperber is intrigued by the link between art, science, and technology. In her work she explores the way in which our brain prioritizes one object over another, thus distorting reality and generating subjective experience.

Sperber re-creates masterpieces by Dali, Vermeer, and DaVinci with used pipe cleaners, beads, and spools of thread.  Here you can see her recreation of The Last Supper, composed of over twenty thousand spools. The work appears distorted upon first glance, but by using the the plastic spheres she provides, viewers can see a reflection of the piece in all its glory.

After The Mona Lisa 2

5,184 spools of thread, aluminum ball chain and hanging apparatus, clear acrylic sphere, steel stand.

After The Mona Lisa

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