Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crafts: Scrap Metal AT-AT

What do you do with your old computer parts? Well, why not make an Imperial Walker? Hulmeville, Pennsylvannia native Sage Werbock (aka the "Great Nippulini") built this pretty awesome AT-AT out of old scrap computer parts and sheet metal. Sage bills himself as an expert welder, blacksmith, and a man with “the world's strongest nipples.”

The main body is composed of power supply boxes from old computers, the head from floppy drive housings, legs and feet from various scrap metal. The entire piece has been welded together using the MIG welding process. Two coats of cold galvanizing primer are applied followed by a coat of varied grays and finished with two coats of protective gloss. The whole sculpture was randomly “attacked” with the welding arc to simulate battle scars.
Nippulini has this sucker for sale on etsy for $450! It looks like this is a one-time deal as he has only one available for sale. Maybe he’s selling it to fund more of his “nipple related” activities.

Source: ETSY | Website

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