Thursday, May 12, 2016

Link Round-Up: May 12, 2016

I Hate Everything by Megan Lara

Artist Releases 300 Printable D&D Miniature Patterns. For Free.

Here’s Rob Zombie defending BABYMETAL. The Japanese band recently made its U.S. debut on the Colbert Show.

If you only watch one Rube Goldberg machine today, make it this one: Magnets and Marbles!

In 1990, artist Kevin Mayle took it upon himself to paint awesome reproductions of first edition Dungeons & Dragons cover art. They turned out fabulous, especially without the text that was usually present on each manual and book. Mayle’s entire series of D&D paintings are available to view on the Dragonsfoot Forum.

The Panic Sign - a brief story about a remote-controlled sign on top of a building in Portland, Oregon

Watch the trailer for Raiders: The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, a documentary about a group of eleven-year-old friends who made a shot-by-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark back in the eighties.

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