Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Comic Round-Up: May 3, 2016

Captain America Civil war Retro Fanmade Poster by Punmagneto

Interview: Brecht Evens chats with Hilary Brown about fine art, how his style has evolved, and his new graphic novel, Panther.

Interview: “I Was Essentially The Guy Between Frank Miller And DC” – MJ Steele On ShintoTech, Klaus Janson and The Dark Knight

Interview:  J.K. Simmons talks about playing Commissioner Gordon in Justice League with Seth Meyers.

Interview: With a new Captain America movie in the offing, Megan Margulies remembers the character’s co-creator—her grandfather, Joe Simon.

Previews: Aliens: Defiance #1 Green Lantern #52

Reviews: Sean Gaffney on Black Bullet: The Destruction Of The World By Fire. Tim Hanley on Wonder Woman: Earth One.  Todd Klein on Unfollow #6. Andy Oliver on Can I Borrow Your Toilet? Tom Murphy on Dept. H #1. Tahneer Oksman on The Complete Wimmen's Comix.

4 reasons to be excited about Preacher — AMC’s upcoming gritty horror fantasy

8 Marvel Movie Fights That Kicked All the Ass

13 Ideas For A New Netflix Comic Book Series

And Now, Bryan Singer's Point-by-Point Defense of Every Aspect of X-Men's Apocalypse

Beau Smith writes about the ongoing challenge of keeping his comics collection organized over the years.

The Captain America: Civil War Cosbaby figure line is getting a Giant Man addition sometime this year.

From Zero to Anti-Hero: How Harley Quinn Went From Girlfriend to Suicide Squad Star

Gizmodo published The Ultimate Guide to All of This Summer’s Awesome New Comics

Hope Larson suggests comics writers should try to thumbnail one of their own scripts at least once to learn how an artists works with the material.

How Captain America: Civil War Will Be Different From The Comic Book Series

How Civil War Perfectly Introduced Spider-Man Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

How comic book movies are making comic books worse

A new Wonder Woman photo shows that part of the movie may take place in Gotham City.

They said it couldn’t be done: Superheroes dominating the box office

What’s keeping India’s independent bookstores going? Graphic novels!

Zack Snyder Proved In 2008 That He Didn't Understand Comic Book Movie Fans

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