Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Comic Round-Up: May 4, 2016


"Captain America: Civil War" by SG Posters

Interview: Brian Gordon is the creator of those cartoons you may have seen on Facebook or viral sites that feature with making wry observations about parenthood. Gordon turned to cartooning after being laid off from his longtime job at Hallmark, and he has just published his first book, Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting.

Interview: Caty Simon and Tina Horn discuss Mary Wept Over The Feet Of Jesus.

Interview: Filip Sablik talks about BOOM! Studios’ success with children’s and young adult titles such as Lumberjanes and Giant Days

Reviews: Sean Gaffney on Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Vol. 5. Sean Kleefeld on Andy Capp.  Todd Klein on Survivors' Club #5. Paul O'Brien on All New X-Men #8. Martin Dupuis on Hard Boiled.

17-year-old Nigerian student Joshua Umia is getting a lot of attention for his homemade action films with special effects, especially his remake of a Flash vs Zoom episode - which are all filmed on a Blackberry Bold 5.

Check out Greg Capullo‘s new design for Batman in DC Comics Rebirth initiative, with some notes from the artist.

A celebration of Bill Sienkiewicz - the unique comics artist most famous for his work on Moon Knight, The New Mutants, Stray Toasters and of course Elektra: Assassin.

If you’ve got $1,099 lying around, you can buy this life-size foam rubber and latex replica of Deadpool.

Martin Freeman‘s role in Captain America: Civil War is just the beginning of his place in the MCU.

ScreenRant has a detailed timeline of events in the Marvel cinematic universe starting a long time ago.

Todd Klein writes about the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Come.

Wait, Is This The Real Reason Cable Wasn’t In The First Deadpool Movie?

You may have seen the recent trailers for the Independence Day sequel and found yourself wondering how Brent Spiner’s mad scientist character survived his ordeal in the first movie. It resembles how “death” works in comic books, pretty much.

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