Monday, October 12, 2015

Short Film: The King's Pawn

"The King's Pawn" Directed by Jonah Bleicher
Written by Darren Anderson, Jonah Bleicher

"The King's Pawn" is a short film about a former chess prodigy leading an  unremarkable life who is present with the opportunity to develop a chess-playing supercomputer.  Though a supercomputer that can scan though 200 million positions per second would seem to be unbeatable, the story focuses on how humans play the game, navigating the world through instinct, creativity, and memory.  In the end, "The King’s Pawn" is a story about the marriage of technology and humanity, and how a supercomputer put a "nobody" in a winning position.
"A former chess prodigy challenges the world champion with the super computer he spent his life designing."

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