Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Link Round-Up: Supergirl


Interview: Executive Producer Sarah Schechter On Supergirl

Interview: Greg Berlanti on Supergirl: People Want a Female Superhero

Interview: Melissa Benoist on Becoming the DC Hero, Superman's Influence

Interview: Melissa Benoist Tells Colbert Why Supergirl Is Definitely A Feminist

Interview: Melissa Benoist Shares How Her Life Has Changed Since Being Cast

Interview: Melissa Benoist Talks the Power of a Superheroine with Den of Geek

Interview: Supergirl Creator Greg Berlanti on the Show’s Feminist Commentary

Interview: Supergirl co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg on Kara's Krypton Past, Superman, Action Scenes and Fan Pre-Analyzing

Interview: Supergirl Creators Answer Burning Questions About Season 1

Interview: Supergirl producers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler discuss the politics of making a female superhero television series

Interview: Supergirl's Melissa Benoist: I'm not a comic-book geek.

Ratings Analysis: AdAge | AdWeek | The Christian Science Monitor | ComingSoon | Den of Geek | Flickering Myth | EW | Hypable | The Mary Sue | Orlando Sentinel | TechTime | | We Got This Covered | The Wrap

Ratings Analysis: Supergirl's Huge Ratings Should Be a Lesson to Hollywood

Recaps: Bonus View | CBR | Mary Sue | MoviePilot | Newsarama | US Weekly

Reviews: Supergirl Is The Feminist Superhero We've Been Waiting For

Review: Supergirl Proves That Dorky Cuteness Can Still Pack One Hell of a Punch

Review: Supergirl: where a Y chromosome is basically kryptonite

Reviews: The Atlantic | Bloguin | Boston Herald | TheCelebrityCafe | The Daily Campus | Deadline | Entertainment Weekly | The Globe and Mail | The Good Men Project | IGN | JoBlo | The Kansas City Star | MoviePilot | Nerd Reactor |  | Screenrant | TMN | The Telegraph | TV Fanatic | | The Verge | Vox

5 Things to Expect on Supergirl, From Taking Punches to Crossovers

6 Things CBS' Supergirl Can Learn From Its Predecessors

6 Ups And 4 Downs From The Pilot, according to What Culture

7 times the Supergirl premiere was delightfully, unapologetically feminist

8 reasons why CBS’s new superhero show is poised to fly high

8 Things to Know About This High-Flying Drama

9 Best Moments From The Series Premiere, according to MTV

All the Reasons to Start Watching Supergirl

Before Supergirl: A History of the Kryptonian TV Legacy

Bleeding Cool remembers the Top 5 Supergirl Moments From The Comics

Business Insider India on 10 ways Supergirl is just like Superman

Can Supergirl Save A Generation That Never Knew Female Superheroes?

CBS' Supergirl is rare female superhero, embracing her powers

Den of Geek offers this Complete Guide to DC Comics References and Easter Eggs

Gotham V Supergirl And What It Might Mean For Television

Here's What To Expect During The First Season of Supergirl

How Much Will Supergirl Focus On Its Hero Being A Woman?

How Supergirl Being A Female Superhero Is & Isn’t Important

Is CBS’s new SUPERGIRL show hot or not? Roundtable discussion.

Is Supergirl getting a SECOND Toyman? News has come that Revenge's Henry Czerny has signed on to play the evil Winn Schott

Is the term Supergirl offensive? asks The Washington Post.  The story behind that "girl vs. woman" speech in the pilot.

It's Official: Superman Will Not Play a Part in CBS' Supergirl Series

Message of empowerment gives Supergirl series a lift

My Supergirl hypocrisy: Female superheroes don’t need to be “broken” to kick ass

Newsarama explains Why SUPERGIRL Matters

The real key to Supergirl's success? Millennial wish-fulfillment.

Ross Johnson on 5 Graphic Novels to Read after Watching Supergirl.

Supergirl Flies High In Premiere And Silences Sexist Criticisms

Supergirl: Interest for positive role model soars

Supergirl Is Its Own Kryptonite, Though It’s A Really Tiny Piece

Supergirl releases "What You Can Expect This Season" promo

Supergirl: What’s Offensive About The Term? Is It Anti-Feminist?

Supergirl's creators lean into their show’s feminism

Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Perfectly Explains Why Her Character is a Feminist

Supergirl's Super Ratings: How Hit CBS Debut Stacks Up to Comic Book Competition

Supergirl, Superwoman, or Neither? asks Long Island News

Taft Midway Driller explains How CBS' New Supergirl Is a Hero for Our Time

Think Progress asks Shouldn’t She Be Called Superwoman?

Top 5 girl power moments from the Supergirl series premiere

What’s A Supergirl? Your Guide To The Characters Of Supergirl

What to expect from Supergirl on CBS

Who is Supergirl's Hank Henshaw?

Who Is Hank Henshaw On Supergirl? David Harewood's Character May Have A Villainous Transformation Ahead.

Who is Kara Zor-El’s aunt? 5 possibilities for Supergirl’s mystery woman.

Who Is Supergirl’s Sexy Co-Worker James Olsen?

Who Is Supergirl's Sister Alex?

Who Is The General On Supergirl? Character May Be New Territory For Comic Fans

Who Is Winn Schott On Supergirl? Kara's Co-Worker Could Take A Dark Turn

Why Does Kara Wear Glasses? asks

Why hasn't Excitement For SUPERGIRL TV Show Translated To Comic Books?

Why Supergirl Is Important To CBS And The TV Industry

Why Supergirl Is The Feminist Hero TV Needs

Why Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist Hopes to Talk Less About Gender

Will Superman Be On Supergirl? Kara's Cousin Shouldn't Steal Her Spotlight

Yes, "Supergirl" Can Cross Over With "Arrow" and "The Flash." But Will She?  More to the point, with so many DC staples now on TV, is there any chance of finally getting the Justice League series eighties kids have always dreamed of?  If we can get Smallville's Tom Welling and Justin Hartley of the failed Aquaman (2006) to get on board, that would only leave Batman, Black Canary, and Wonder Woman to cast.

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