Thursday, October 22, 2015

Link Round-Up: October 22, 2015

An annotated map of Middle-earth was recently found with Tolkien and illustrator Pauline Baynes’ notes, revealing influences and inspirations for the land. It’s on display right now and listed for £60,000!

Infographic: The Languages Of Star Wars
Need to slow down? The Bob Ross Youtube channel has uploaded full episodes of The Joy of Painting on Youtube. Here is the very first episode of The Joy of Painting, in which Bob Ross encourages viewers to take a walk in their own happy little woods.

Read essays and academic papers about Elsa: "Cold and Hungry: Discourses of Anorexic Feminity in Frozen," "Disney's Frozen and Autism," "Reading Frozen as a Feminist," "Disney's Frozen: Gay or Schizophrenic?", and Frozen and PMS

Saul Bass explains His Design Approach To Movie Title Sequences

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