Monday, October 26, 2015

Illustration: Dungeons & Dragons Alphabet

Inktober 7! Gelatinous cube!

Caleb Cleveland had the awesome idea of creating an illustrated alphabet for his Inktober challenge, and not just any alphabet, a Dungeons and Dragons-themed alphabet.  I especially like the way he's incorporated contemporary children into each illustration.  I hope to see a full color version of this series available for sale as a children's book one day.

1st of Inktober! (at Laguna College of Art + Design) Dedicating the first 26 of these to a Dungeons and Dragons-themed alphabet! Crossing fingers!

Inktober #2. Playing hide and seek with a beholder can be dangerous, but kids have great saving throws…

Inktober #3! Just under the wire, but at least my habits and my struggles with ink are slowly being worked out.

Inktober #4. Dragons get scratches whenever they want.

Inktober #5, and my first big screw up - let’s make it my only screw up!

Inktober #6

Inktober 7! Gelatinous cube!

#Inktober #8. FUN FACT: Hook Horrors make excellent babysitters. (at Laguna College of Art + Design)

Continuing my D&D alphabet, here’s Inktober #9!

“Is it still there?” #Inktober #11! The #dungeonsanddragons alphabet continues!

#Inktober 12! Kobolds!

#Inktober 13! When I’m a #lich, I hope to take my grandkids out for ice cream…

#Inktober #14. It’s always nice to share with the new kid.

#Inktober #15. FUN FACT: Otyughs enjoy bath time as much as wallowing in dung-filled dungeons. (at Laguna College of Art + Design)

#Inktober #16 - some D&D monsters are just jerks.

#Inktober #17! Most D&D monsters don’t tolerate bullies.

Trying to catch up - appropriate choice of D&D monster today! Inktober #18

Inktober #19. D&D monsters are always happy to munch on whatever you’ve got lying around.

Inktober #20. Better bring an umbrella today, could be yucky out there.

#Inktober #21. Thought Eaters make great pets, except that you might occasionally forget you have one.  (at Laguna College of Art + Design)

#Inktober #22! “Friend?”

Very late #Inktober! The worst thing about having young mortals for pals are the early bedtimes.

Inktober #24 - anybody else excited for #Halloween?

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