Monday, October 5, 2015

Gaming Round-Up: October 5, 2015

Samus Aran by Stanley Lau

"Samus Aran" by Stanley Lau

News: Study finds that Unrealistic Fighting Game Character Designs detract From a player’s immersion.  Extra!  Extra! Unrealistic games feel unrealistic.

5 Common Mistakes SUPER MARIO MAKERS Make In Level Design

Ahoy explores how the Cold War shaped video games in five videos. (Via)

At Critical Switch, Austin C. Howe argues that the same “immaturity” which stigmatizes video games is commonplace in more respectable media like books.

Game designer Laralyn McWilliams considers games as a two-way conversation.

Here is the new series of video articles started by the ultra-knowledgeable folks at Hardcore Gaming 101. The first two are up, the beginning of series on Pre-Super Mario platform games and on the early history of JRPGs. Related is the video adjunct to the Game Club 199X Podcast, with over 50 videos.

Jamie Madigan of The Psychology of Video Games explains the Kuleshov Effect, a cinematic device often used in games that leads players to interpret a series of images.

Jonathan Allford of The Guardian argues that games aren’t as anarchic as they appear to outsiders, and complains that they often fail to respond to players’ wilder instincts.

Javy Gwaltney takes a look at What Video Games Have to Say About the Eighties.

Medium's Rowan Kaiser justifiably praises The Witcher 3‘s open world design

At Polygon, Matt Leone pays homage to the secret developers of videogames, studios who do uncredited work producing assets for games too large for a single studio.

Vice stirs the pot, asking What's the Greatest 'Star Wars' Video Game of All Time?

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