Friday, October 9, 2015

Fan Art Round-Up: Jack Skellington

"Jack Skellington" by Croatia-based Alek Sarkanjac (Alekparkour)
Nightmare Before Christmas Fan Art Gallery featuring Jack Skellington

It's that magical time of year again.  The leaves are falling, the air is turning chill, and Nightmare Before Christmas fans are pouring out of the woodwork.  For the next three months, the fandom will repost their customary deluge of fan art, vying with Frozen fan girls for title of best winter animation.  To celebrate, we've gathered a gallery of some of the best fan art featuring Jack Skellington from around the web.  Next week, we'll have a gallery of Sally fan art.

"Sandy Claws" by Mandie Manzano (Mandiemanzano)
Prints available for purchase from Society6.

Prints available for purchase from Society6.

"Jack Skellington" by Singapore-based PencilCrown

"Jack Skellington" by Mexico-based Jesus Alberto (CHUBETO)

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