Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 27, 2015

Interview: Alex Dueben interviews longtime Marvel inker Tom Palmer.

Interview: Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy and the Toe Tag Riot creative team of Matt Miner and Sean Van Gorman talk about Hurley’s upcoming appearance in the comic, which features a punk band whose members turn in to zombies when they perform.

Interview:  Love and Rockets' Jaime Hernandez talks about his propensity for strong female protagonists in a San Diego Comic Con interview.

Interview: The NYT talks with Marisa Acocella Marchetto, a New Yorker cartoonist known for her 2006 graphic memoir, “Cancer Vixen."

Interview: Political cartoonist Michael de Adder says goodbye to 10 years at Harper

Interview: St Louis cartoonist, Mardou, joined InkStuds' Robin McConneli to talk about her Sky in Stereo collection from Revival House press.

Interview: The WSJ offers a profile of Stan Lee

News: Emily Carroll’s acclaimed horror anthology Through the Woods has won the 2015 British Fantasy Award for best comic/graphic novel, presented Sunday at FantasyCon 2015 in Nottingham, England.

Reviews: Richard Burton on Valerian And Laureline Volume Ten: Brooklyn Line -- Terminal Cosmos. Shikha Kumar profiles Urbanlore.  Matthias Wivel on Drawn And Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years.

Garry Trudeau celebrates the 45th birthday of Doonesbury with an open letter.

A manga series about training men to do housework has ruffled feathers in Japan, causing creator Akiko Higashimura to put it on hiatus after just two chapters.

Martha Donato, president of Mad Event Management, which runs Long Beach Comic Con, talks about the company’s new event, New Jersey Comic Expo.

The Most Important Female Character in the Marvel Universe

Nicola Clark looks at the many issues stemming from the Charlie Hebdo shootings

Ranking Fan Theories About Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad

Shea Hennum writes about some recent instances of sexual harassment in the comics industry, as well as the conversation that followed, with links for those who are coming late to the story.

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