Monday, October 26, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 26, 2015

Ghost Rider by Adam Kubert

"Ghost Rider" by Adam Kubert

Interview: Adrian Tomine discusses his new collection of short stories, Killing and Dying, and the way his life and work have changed since the publication of Shortcomings.

Interview: David Tischman discusses his new superhero/fashion webcomic Heroine Chic, which just launched on LINE Webtoon

Interview: Gene Luen Yang talks about finding the tricky balance between educational and entertaining in his new series Secret Coders

Interview: Longtime colorist Barry Williams and his friend and fellow Austin Peay State University graduate Heather Walker have teamed up to create and self-publish My Name is Proxy.

Interview: Olivier Schrauwen discusses his graphic novel Arsène Schrauwen

Interview: PW talks with Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, behind the scenes at New York Comic Con.

News: Avatar comics Series in development by Dark Horse Comics

News: Jeb Bush on Supergirl: "she’s pretty hot."  Super creepy.

News: Sri Lankan police are holding 11 people, most of them current or former soldiers, in connection with the 2010 disappearance of cartoonist and journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

News: Stone Bridge Press has licensed The Osamu Tezuka Story, the graphic biography of pioneering manga creator Osamu Tezuka.

Previews: Tales for a Halloween Night Volume 1

Reviews: Sean Gaffney on Kiss Him, Not Me! Vol. 1. Thomas Maluck on Time Killers.  Tom Murphy on Lose #7.  Robert Pranzatelli pens an appreciation of Tintin. Andy Yates on Midnight Fishermen.

Is the DC Film Universe Relying Too Heavily On Batman?

Jessica Jones Is Proof That More Female-Fronted Superhero TV Shows & Movies Should Be Produced

Nick Cannata-Bowman wonders Are Superheroes Becoming Too Realistic?

What Does "Diversity" Mean in Today's Comic Book Industry?

Why Jessica Jones Will (Probably) Be Better Than Daredevil

Zack Snyder Talks New Take On Batmobile In BvS

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