Friday, October 2, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 2, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man by Gabriele Dell’Otto

"Amazing Spider-Man" by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Interview: Chip Zdarsky expands on his refusal to accept the special Harvey Award for humor because it named only him and not his Sex Criminals collaborator Matt Fraction: “If it was art, sure I’d accept!” he said. “If it was writing, I’d be ecstatic for Matt to get it! But ‘humor’? That’s both of us, with the emphasis on Matt, frankly.”

Interview: Court Gebeau talks about The World Of A Comic Book Art Dealer.

Interview: EIC Axel Alonso Discusses What’s Next for Marvel Post-Secret Wars

Interview: Gene Luen Yang and John Romita, Jr. talk about doing the unthinkable last month in the pages of DC Comics' "Superman" #43 when Lois Lane revealed Clark Kent's secret identity to the world.

Interview: Gene Luen Yang talks about his new graphic novel, Secret Coders, a kids’ story that combines adventure and coding.

Interview: John Freeman interviews The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard ahead of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. In addition to his usual zombie duties, Adlard is working on a graphic novel, Vampire State Building, for a French publisher.

News: Doctor Strange Will Feature An Origin Story

Reviews: Abel J. Gonzeles on Tokyo Ghost.  Matt Little on Book of Death #3.  Dan Wickline on Eternal Warrior #1.

Comics Alliance Presents The Question: What’s The Best Comic About Women By Women?

Daryl Cagle presents a brief history of The New York Times’ use of editorial cartoons.

First Look At Mr. Terrific In Arrow

Kevin Feige Says a Crossover Between the Marvel TV Shows and Films Is "Inevitable"

Leah Mandel profiles Australian cartoonist Simon Hanselmann, creator of Megg, Mogg, and Owl.

Marvel Has Plans For Characters It Doesn't Even Have The Rights To

These Are The Comic Books Which May Inspire Avengers: Infinity War

Why I Hope Gotham 's Kristen Kringle Never Dates Edward

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