Thursday, October 15, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 15, 2015

INVInCIBLE IRONMAN variant cover

Invincible Ironman Variant Cover by Alex Maleev
Acrylics, watercolors, pencils on 13X19 art board

Event: A Feast of Comic Book Art on Display in New York

Interview: Anime Author R.D. Brown Talks "Guardian of Cascadia"

Interview:  Kashmiri artist Malik Sajad started making cartoons when he was 14, and they started getting him in trouble with the Indian government when he was 16.

Interview:  Photojournalist Marc Ellison talks about his online graphic novel, which tells the stories of four Ugandan women trying to return to normal life after being kidnapped as teenagers and forced to serve in the Lord’s Resistance Army.

News: The Locke and Key movie is no longer happening but sources report that there's another stab at a TV show is in the works.

Previews: Assassin’s Creed #1 has a new trailer from Titan.

Previews: Yesterday, First Second Books releases The Fall of the House of West.

Reviews: Rob Clough on Lowriders In Space. Eleanor Davis on Futchi Perf.  Jim Johnson on Batman #45. Emilia Packard on The Story Of My Tits.  Robert Tutton on I Hate Fairyland. Jason Wilkins on Paper Girls #1.

Bullshit of the day: Death Supposedly Permanent on Legends of Tomorrow. A Comic Book Show. With Time Travel.

Japan’s Nippon Foundation is encouraging the use of manga as educational material with 100 manga they feel will work well alongside more traditional materials.

Jeff Treppel looks at the longtime affinity of comics and heavy metal music.

Rico Renzi remembers The Winter Men, a mini-series that was definitely one of the high points of  Wildstorm.

There's a new Wolverine - the Laura Kinney character created by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost.

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