Thursday, October 1, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 1, 2015

X-Men by Justin Moritat Norman

"X-Men" by Justin "Moritat" Norman

Interview: Alan Moore: 'Electricomics' is groundbreaking, but print is still superior

Interview: Cracking Secret Coders, Balancing Education and Entertainment, and What’s Next for Eisner Winner Gene Luen Yang

Interview: Jim Lee Suggests That He And Frank Miller Might Return To Finish 'All Star Batman & Robin'

Interview: Reddit recently host an AMA for Steve Orlando, writer of Midnighter, Batman & Robin Eternal, Justice League: Darkseid War.

Interview: Tom Spurgeon and Bone creator Jeff Smith, co-organizers of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, discuss their concept for a truly comics-focused festival.

News: DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint is the first comics company to use the Wattpad “social reading app,” where writers and publishers can share their work with potential readers around the world.

News: Taiwanese creator Antenna Gyugyo is the winner of the first-ever KYOMAF (Kyoto International Manga Anime Festival) Manga Award for the first volume of his manga-inspired comic BlueRoseAge.

News: Zdarsky declines his Harvey Award, questioning vetting process

Reviews: Zainab Akhtar on Limonchik. Greg Burgas on Dreamnasium Tales #1. Evan Narcisse on E Is For Extinction. Jesse Schedeen on From Under Mountains #1.

6 Upcoming Vertigo Comics We Know Are Great

411Mania picks The Greatest Female Supervillains.

Andy Warner walks us through the situation facing Syrian refugees via comic.

Enjoy this gallery of Moebius Artwork

Gavin Sheehan takes a hard look at what this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con got right — and wrong.

Goddard Explains "Daredevil's" Shift From Big Budget Film To Netflix Drama

Infinity War May Take Cues From Jim Starlin & Jonathan Hickman Comics

Kaori Shoji looks at mangakamono, the genre of Japanese films that deals with the lives of manga creators, both real and fictitious.

Marvel is putting the Inhumans into a more prominent place in the overall Marvel universe.  Is it just because on the TV series, or is there a larger plan afoot?

Scott Adams refers to people as wizards during political analysis.

Survivors’ Club writers Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen are starting things off with a list of their favorite horror movies

Why Fully Crossing Over Marvel Movies And TV Shows Is Really Hard

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