Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 29, 2015

Aliens by Patrick Brown

Interview: Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews Jennifer Foehner Wells and Jodi McIsaac, author of Fluency and Thin Veil, respectively.

Interview: Amazing Stories interviews Shawn King, cover designer of SkinJumper.

Interview: Angela Slatter interviews Nicole Kornher-Stace, author of Archivist Wasp.

Interview: BBC interviews Sydney Padua, author of the steampunk graphic novel The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.

Interview: Functional Nerds interviews Adam Christopher of The Machine Awakes.

Interview: The Functional Nerds interviews Ferrett Steinmetz, author of Flex.

Interview: Margrét Helgadóttir talks about The Stars Seem So Far Away.

Interview: The New Yorker profiles Gene Wolfe, author of The Borrowed Man.

News: Chinese researchers have genetically modified a human embryo, and if science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that we should expect the world’s first super villain to appear in about seventeen years, give or take one bad prom experience.

5 reads that will change how you feel about the Apocalypse.

5 Reasons Iain M. Banks’ Culture Should Be the Next Big Sci-Fi Adaptation.

The 6 Best Russell T. Davies Doctor Who.

The 10 Funniest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time, as chosen by CinemaBlend.

10 sci-fi novel opening lines that’ll take your breath away.

17 Movie Robots That Have Made Us Confused About Our Sexuality.

Alisha Rai on Top 3 Post-Apocalyptic Romances.

Barnes and Noble remembers Ten Essential Utopias from fiction.

Gareth L. Powell on the Top Ten Essential Space Operas.

Hobbies and How They Relate To Diversity In Science Fiction Romance.

Hollywood Reporter asks What happens when Star Wars is just a war film.

How do you keep your novel from becoming dated? Take it from William Gibson.

How dystopia hammers home the reality of climate change with its teenage archers.

Is Christopher Nolan to blame for all the dark, serious comic book movies?

John Christopher’s Tripods Series Taught Me to Be a Grownup.

John DeNardo meditates on Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Retellings.

Judith Tarr asks Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?

Lessons on the environment from a sci-fi classic.

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of The Golden Compass’ Mrs. Coulter.

The Martian Will Be This Year’s Sci-Fi Oscar Contender.  Begin preparing yourself now for next year’s articles about how losing that Oscar is a secret victory.

Not-so-Elementary! These 6 Science Fiction Detectives Are on the Case.

Shakespeare Died 399 Years Ago and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Still Can’t Get Enough.

Star Wars: 10 Unsung Heroes Behind A New Hope.

Teen opinion: how dystopian fiction calls me to the wild side.

Warp Drive is the piece of sci-fi technology Neil deGrasse Tyson really wants.

What do you want from the Star Wars Anthology movies?

What Does George R. R. Martin Have to do With Dinosaur Lords? I don’t know, but it most assuredly does not bode well for the Dinosaur Lords.

What Sad Puppies gets wrong about science fiction and political correctness.

Who You Going To Thank? SF has grown exponentially. Who do we thank for that?

Why writing stories about climate change isn’t fantasy or sci-fi. Piers Torday on cli-fi.

You know that William Shatner starred on Twilight Zone, but how about George Takei?

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