Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 22, 2015

Gateway: Conservator Walk by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Interview: Angry Robot Live with Ferrett Steinmetz, author of Flex.

Interview: The Future And You interviews Robert J. Sawyer of Red Planet Blues.

Interview: Las Vegas Review-Journal interviews Marie Lu, author of Legend.

Interview: Lightspeed Magazine interviews Carolyn Ives Gilman, author of Dark Orbit

Interview: My Bookish Ways interviews Robert Charles Wilson of The Affinities.

Interview: NPR interviews Liu Cixin, author of The Three-Body Problem.

Interview: Paul Feig explains the strange saga behind his sci-fi sitcom Other Space 

Interview: Suvudu interviews Frank Portman, author of King Dork Approximately.

7 Things You Need to Know About Star Wars: Rogue One

8 reasons to be excited about Star Wars Rogue One

8 Stories That Make The Apocalypse Seem Downright Pleasant

13 Star Wars Questions We Want Answered in the New Books

Adam Rowe on 9 Awesome SF/F Novels That Were Almost Never Published.

Can androids pray for digital salvation? Yes, but robo-Jesus is NOT getting his own holiday, no matter what the greeting card companies say.
Diversity panels at book conferences may not be achieving the desired goal, says Justina Ireland. “Diversity panels make conference organizers feel like they’re doing their part to further diversity, but all they really do is further ghettoize diverse authors and marginalized voices because the audience for those panels are the people who are ALREADY LISTENING. And that is the problem.”
Do Killer Robots Violate Human Rights? YES! And at every opportunity! Have you not been watching the same movies I have?
Does Firefly Still Matter? Point/Counterpoint in which two io9 writers debate the show. Spoiler alert: one of them is WRONG. Brown coats forever!
Film School Rejects on 12 Movies to Watch After You See Ex Machina.

GamesRadar picks the Top 50 sci-fi spaceships.

Georgina Voss ask What are the best novels about the politics of technology?

The Golden Compass: what went wrong? It’s a legitimate question, because the books were as good as Harry Potter, but the movie felt like a direct-to-video film.

The Guardian asks What are the best novels about the politics of technology?

How An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel Imagined The Future 122 Years Ago. Turns out that we were Jonesing for big screen TVs even back then.

io9 looks back at The sad plant life of Star Trek TNG, The 10 Best Star Trek Cold Openings, and The 10 Best Star Trek Episode Endings.

J. Michael Straczynski says Hand out the Hugos with a smile or cancel them

Michigan Radio on Exploring social change through science fiction

Nerdist on Why The Terminator Franchise Should Be Terminated.

Science Fiction’s White Boys’ Club Strikes Back: The New Republic looks back at diversity issues in the science fiction genre.

Taste of Cinema on 20 Great Dystopian Films That Are Worth Your Time.

Tomorrowland: Our Journey From Science Fiction To Science Fact

Why Obi Wan is the Worst Jedi Ever

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio on Science Fiction Is Now Science Reality

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