Friday, October 31, 2014

Sketches: Jonathan Noyau's Inktober

Day 31: skeleton.

Day 29: creature from the black lagoon.

Day 28: moon.

Day 22: witch.

Day 20: devil.

Day 19: skull.

Day 12 : #dragon !

Day 16: scarecrow.

Day 13: grave.

Day 9: werewolf

Day 10: Frankenstein

Day 6: haunted house



  1. Hey, thank you for sharing my work ! I just discover your blog and I'm really glad to see some of my stuff in.
    So thanks again :) !

    1. Thank you for posting the sketches. Yours were some of the best Inktober sketches posted this year. I actually had the haunted house from day 6 on my desktop as part of a mosaic for most of October.


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