Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 29, 2014

Picnic by Puzzle Lee

Interview: Den of Geek interviews Daniel H Wilson, author of Robopocalypse.

Interview: The Guardian interviews Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who and Sherlock.

7 of the Most Terrifying Dystopias in Literature

7 Ways Alien: Isolation Helped Me Accept My Anxiety Disorder

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Octavia Butler

Can William Gibson Predict the Future?: He coined the term cyberspace before we even knew cyberspace existed. He imagined reality TV years before it was everywhere.

Christopher Nolan Had to Pick and Choose Which Wormhole Science to Use in Interstellar

Digital Spy reviews how Logan’s Run changed sci-fi blockbusters forever.

Do You Remember lists 15 Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted The Future.

The Economics of Star Trek and That Star Trek economy thing seek to answer the question of whether or not a future with no money, where people simply pursue interesting activities in order to better themselves and others, is necessarily communist or socialist?

The Future Is a Lonely Place, in William Gibson’s The Peripheral.

Giant Freakin Robot explains The Beautifully Simple Reason You’ll Never See Back To The Future 4

If You Read One Thing Today, Make It This Canticle For Leibowitz Essay (at The New Yorker.)

How Lauren Beukes Turned Me into a Horror Reader

Imaginative Anthropology: In Celebration of Ursula K. Le Guin

Nerdist explains that Star Trek: The Next Generation Was Made to be Seen in Cinerama.

The New Yorker on A Science-Fiction Classic Still Smolders.

Pop culture, science fiction intersect at talk: George R.R. Martin, Tom Doherty bring science fiction down to earth through literature

Popular Mechanics remembers 6 Sci-Fi and Comic Sequels That Never Were

The Problem With Current Sci-Fi Films and What We Should Learn From Watching Moon. suggests 10 Great Books For Your Halloween Reading.

Slice of SciFi on The Heart and Soul of Science Fiction’s Appeal.

Take a sneak peek Behind the Science of Interstellar.

The Terminator 30th anniversary: Time to revisit the sci-fi classic

The Washington Post suggests Three sci-fi books to rattle your October.

Why AMC’s Humans Is A Safer Bet On British Sci-Fi Than The Prisoner Was

Why Alien: Isolation Proves There Deserves to Be Another Alien Movie

Why Are Many Of Today’s Hottest Authors Writing Post-Apocalyptic Books? My theory? They’re looking forward to saying “I told you so.”

Why is today’s teen fiction not as diverse as it could be? Site member Scouting for Books surveys contemporary teen fiction to understand why it is not as diverse as it could – and should – be, and argues that looking to the past may provide an answer.

Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction.

Why science fiction comics are better than sci-fi movies: Forget “X-Men” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”—read these mind-bending comics instead.

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