Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Comic Round-Up: August 27, 2014

Jorge Molina Manzanero

"Avengers cover" by Merida, Mexico-based Jorge Molina Manzanero
"So, this is my first Marvel cover ever. I loved doing this cause for the first time I had the chance to draw all the Marvel main characters that I love (no FF...I'm not a big fan after "those" movies) It was just a very special experience to finally say " i'm drawing Marvel characters for Marvel" finally after so many years of dreaming of it and sitting in my room when I was a kid coping comics...i'm finally there!"

Interview: Dylan Todd and company reveal the future in "2299" anthology

News: Dark Horse is planning to beef up its lineup of children’s graphic novels with four new titles for 2015: Rexodus, a story about dinosaurs from outer space, and three older properties, Rod Espinosa’s Courageous Princess, Samuel Teer and Hyeondo Park’s Veda: Assembly Required, and an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Return of the Gremlins.

News: The fun Marvel series Superior Foes Of Spider-Man is coming to an end

​7 Reasons Batman Needs to Shut Arkham Asylum Down Forever

13 Dimensions of MULTIVERSITY: DC Worlds We Want Brought Back!

Alternative Capes: Superhero Stories You Need To Read

io9 remembers Great Performances That Helped Prove Comic Movies Could Be Art

Researcher and filmmaker Robert Emmons talks about his new documentary, Diagram for Delinquents, which looks at Fredric Wertham and the comics scares of the Fifties.

Sci-Fi Meets Murder Mystery in Image Comics' "The Fuse" plays Who’s Your Daddy? (Star-Lord Edition)

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