Friday, August 22, 2014

Comic Round-Up: August 22, 2014

ASYLUM by el-grimlock

"ASYLUM" by Mauricio Herrera (El-grimlock)

Interview:  Chatting With Comics Legend Frank Miller About his New Film, Sin City

Interview:  Grant Morrison talks about his long-awaited miniseries The Multiversity.

Interview: I’ll Never Go That Big Again: Scott Snyder On "Zero Year: Savage City"

News: Australian cartoonist Chris Wilson set a new Guinness World Record for marathon caricaturing. The Canberra-based artist drew for 50 hours in the foyer of Canberra Hospital, breaking the previous record by two hours.  Wilson asked each of the subjects of the 500 caricatures to make a donation to the hospital’s research foundation.

Comic Book Resources released Marvel's art for the highly anticipated first issue of a new Spider-Woman comic series,  and it's stirred up a controversy.  New Spider-Woman comic cover has been condemned for 'blatant sexualisation' An erotic artist's variant cover for forthcoming Marvel series described as designed 'for horny men only.'  It's a "depressingly predictable" situation, and one wonders how Marvel can expected anything but outrage in an age when comics are increasingly under the microscope for being aimed at overly sexed teen boys and depicting woman more as sex objects than heroes. In fact, the more politically correct comics fans out there have been amusing themselves with something called the "Hawkeye Initiative," an effort to redraw comics scenes depicting the males as sexual objects instead of the females, sometimes with hilarious resultsMarvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort has responded to the rampant criticism surrounding Milo Manara's "Spider-Woman" variant cover via his Tumblr: "I think that the people who are upset about that cover have a point, at least in how the image relates to them," Brevoort wrote. "By that same token, Milo Manara has been working as a cartoonist since 1969, and what he does hasn’t materially changed in all that time. So when we say 'Manara cover,' his body of work indicates what sort of thing he’s going to do."  So Should We Forgive Marvel for That Awful Spider-Woman Cover?  Probably not, but it's not going to stop most of us from buy their comics.

Marvel Comics Gets Inside the Heads of the Avengers: The neuroscience behind the Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man, explained in a Times Square exhibit. Excelsior!

io9 suggests ​More Than 100(!) Awesome Comics To Watch Out For This Fall

Wolverine's Best Stories, as chosen by IGN

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