Monday, August 25, 2014

Comic Round-Up: August 25, 2014

"for's the line it is drawn week #183
this weeks them... Western Re-Designs of Manga/Anime Characters!"
Interview: 60 Seconds on EARTH 2 with Paul Levitz

Interview:  Humberto Ramos discusses the pressure of creating Silk

Interview: Milo Manara responds to criticism surrounding his Spider-Woman #1 cover

Interview: Paul Pope Talks "The Rise of Aurora West"

News: Rare Superman comic draws record $3.2 million top bid

IGN explains Why Marvel Comics Doesn't Need a Reboot

In anticipation of the release of the latest Sin City movie, CBR released a helpful list of The Essential Frank Miller comics.  The only problem is that the man has never written anything that shouldn't be required reading for a hardcore comic fan.

At Newsarama, Chris Arrant considers How the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Reinvigorated Marvel’s Cosmic Comics Frontier.

Paste mourns 10 Comic Book Heavies Mangled by Hollywood

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