Monday, January 27, 2014

Crafts: Companion Cube

Companion cube by foxymitts

"I've been addicted to Portal at the moment despite the fact it makes me motion sick! Its a first person shooter/puzzle game, highly addictive.

Anyone who has played Portal will understand the love and devotion of the companion cube, and the heartbreak that comes with it also, curse GLaDOS!

I missed mine so much so, that I had to make myself a little 4x4x4" plushie. Instead of using the traditional stuffing method (as everything I have made so far, barring the incident of the little foam beads (never, ever, ever again) has been stuffed with conventional stuffing) I used foam instead, its rigid and is better at keeping its shape, so rather than being a tubby supposed-to-be cube, its actually a cube."

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