Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comic Round-Up: January 22, 2014

Portrait of River Tam, for the cover to 'Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3', by Dan dos Santos. 16x28 inches, Acrylic and Colored pencil on illustration board.
Interview: Flickering Myth chats with comic book artist Chris Burnham about his work on Batman Incorporated and his upcoming projects, including the creator-owned horror title Nameless with Grant Morrison....

Interview: How Fear Agent Brought Sci-Fi Back To Comics – The Bleeding Cool Interview With Rick Remender and Tony Moore

Interview: Unwritten: Apocalypse: Mike Carey, Peter Gross begin Tom’s finale

News: 51% of Comixology Users are Outside the US

News: The executive committee for the seventh Manga Taisho awards has announced this year's 10 nominated works on Monday

Marvel Censors Miracleman for Some Digital Readers

"One of the best Superman moments never appeared in a Superman comic. A 2008 issue of Nightwing included a scene of Superman and Nightwing talking in a dark, after hours Central Park."

Torsten Adair crunches some numbers from The New York Times 2013 bestseller lists, looking at each category and, in some cases, each publisher separately and breaking down the charting books into easy-to-follow pie charts.

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