Friday, November 15, 2013

Short Film: A Dream of Flying

"A Dream of Flying" directed by Georgina C
Written by Neil Gaiman

Do I even need to say anything about this short film apart from the fact that this was written by Neil Gaiman?  It concerns an institution for children with strange powers. If you like it, I suggest you browse the entire gallery of Project Imagination films.  Project Imagination is a film competition in which Canon invited people to submit their photos, then invited five celebrity directors to pick 10 photos and a theme as inspiration for a short film.  Most of them are lovely.  I just happen to like this one best because I'm a Neil Gaiman fanboy.
"“A Dream of Flying” is the story of a girl who will spend her whole life trying not to fly, and a boy who would give his life to teach her. Throughout different stages in their lives, timeless love will bring the couple together and lift them off of their feet."

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