Monday, September 23, 2013

Video: Fan-made Doctor Who Intro

This fan-made Doctor Who intro very closely resembles what will actually open the show, featuring fireballs that recall the Tom Baker era’s time tunnel.
"A project spanning around 8 weeks of my free time into creating a new Doctor Who intro taking all experience loaned from work to date. The aim of this project was to further my skills in VFX (of which I am completely self-taught with around two years' experience), and create a new fan sequence for the new Doctor - Peter Capaldi.

When starting the project the identity of the new actor was still a secret, and I had no idea if we would find out within days, weeks or months, so I started the project and moved forward as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality for speed. Since the announcement nearly three weeks have passed, and I'm finally able to present the full sequence.

I have "remastered" the theme tune around the context of a timelord's twin heart beat using a fantastically edited underlying theme provided by Matt Rice.

You will find the theme to have been built upon the official theme tune with deeper 4-beat drum rhythm, as well as paying homage to some older versions of the theme tune with a modern twist. Software used includes Lightwave 11.5, After Effects CS6, Hitvid, Photoshop and a few misc apps."

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