Monday, September 30, 2013

Link Round-Up: Breaking Bad

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The 5 Best Breaking Bad Moments, prior to the finale.

7 Things I Learned from the Breaking Bad Finale

10 Things we learned about TV exit strategies from the creators of Breaking Bad

10 ways that Walter White is exactly like Scrooge McDuck

11 Breaking Bad Finale Facts Revealed on Talking Bad

22 Reasons to Love Aaron Paul

30 Things To Do Once Breaking Bad Ends

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Breaking Bad... in three minutes

Breaking Bad composer discusses the show’s ‘constantly evolving’ score

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

Breaking Bad Finale’s Best Memes, Tributes, and Callbacks

Breaking Bad Finale Wish Fulfillment

Breaking Bad Honest Trailer

Breaking Bad latte

Breaking Bad Summed Up With Infographics

Breaking Bad the animated series

Breaking Bad Twinkie Comic Book Ad Spoof

Breaking Beer: Albuquerque brewery unveils ‘Breaking Bad’-themed ales

Breaking Blurred Bad Lines

Breaking Bob: a Breaking Bad / Sponge Bob mash-up

Bryan Cranston reads his favorite fan letter... and it's erotic.

Conan O’Brien Opens His Show With a Breaking Bad’ Parody

Crazy theories on how Breaking Bad will end, in musical form

Crazy Theory: Did the entire Breaking Bad finale take place in Walter White’s head?

A Crystal Blue Heart Of Darkness: Final thoughts before the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale

Damon Lindelof on Breaking Bad: How Heisenberg Is Like Batman

Ever Wanted to See Breaking Bad in Dance Form? Crazy Emmys Number

George Mastras on Writing & Directing One of Breaking Bad’s Best Episodes

George RR Martin Discusses Breaking Bad‘s “Ozymandias”

Heisenberg and the Cartel of Death t-shirt

A Heisenberg Hat For Cats

Heisenberg Song – A Breaking Bad Parody (Popular Song by MIKA)

How Breaking Bad took us to the breaking point

Inside the Breaking Bad writers’ room: how Vince Gilligan runs the show

Jeff Victor’s The Evolution of Walter White

Lindelof on Breaking Bad: Heisenberg Is Batman -- Vulture

Listen to the Breaking Bad theme song played on meth lab equipment

Los Pollos Hermanos reviewed on Yelp

The ten best kills of Walter White and friends (through the first half of Season 5)

Top 10 Reasons that prove Breaking Bad's Mike and Jesse are the same person

Ultrarealistic Heisenberg Mask

Vince Gilligan Credits Netflix for AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Surviving, Thriving

Vince Gilligan Says There Was A Much Harsher Version Of The Breaking Bad Finale They Didn’t Use & More

Walter White’s, “I Am the One Who Knocks” Speech as Written by Other Authors.

Why Saul Goodman Will Be The Perfect Breaking Bad Follow Up

Would Breaking Bad‘s Better Call Saul Spinoff Be Better Off At Netflix?

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