Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Link Round-Up: June 25, 2013

"Adventure Time" by Kristen King

As part of the Results of the Fall 2012 LEGO® Review, it has been announced that the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover will be an official LEGO set!

The Atlas of True Names

Dreamlike Concept Images of Cities that Float High Above the Clouds

How to 3D print your brain

“Land Ship Amagosa” by Jason Allemann is a LEGO walking machine inspired by the “Strandbeest” kinetic sculptures of Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Allemann has posted build instructions on his website.

There Are Gilded Dinosaur Skeletons at Louis Vuitton.  I'm honestly not certain how I feel about this.  Either Louis Vuitton just became much cooler, or suddenly, dinosaurs are lame. 

Twin child selling 3D printed action figures that go beyond traditional prints from 3D scans. Normally, the heads are scanned and planted on body templates.  Twin child's figures are created from full body scans. Price: 225 for a 15cm tall figure, 1290 for a 35cm tall figure

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