Thursday, June 20, 2013

Link Round-Up: June 20, 2013

Amazon drops pretense, builds villainous super-lair

First, news came down the line that the Rubber Ducky coming to Pittsburgh. Well, now the Andy Warhol bridge is scheduled to be "yarn bombed." Clearly, the movement to legalize Marijuana inside city limits will be progressing presently.

For the OCD art lover in us all, here’s Things Organized Neatly, a blog of items arranged just so and in some kind of order fit for polite company.

The only correct way to propose if your significant other wants to be taken away by TARDIS.

This town has a secret subculture of tiny doors. Everywhere. Maybe for sprites? Maybe for tiny robot friends?

With Man of Steel causing controversy in the nerdosphere, here’s a couple of Superman links of a more historical nature: The story of a mysterious painting of Superman and what became of it, and Superman’s S-Shield through the ages.

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