Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photography: Out of Place

German artist Robert Rickhoff questions urban space and architecture in a humorous way. At first glance, it’s not clearly evident what is out of place in Rickhoff’s photographs, but a closer look reveals a series of objects that have been digitally moved to places highly impractical for actual use. The series appropriately titled “Out of Place” gives us a humorous look at urban planning in an alternate universe.
“I think without a concept, there’s nothing. Having found the concept, it´s a question of communicating this in the clearest and shortest way. Nothing superfluous or that can´t be justified, everything for a reason and everything with a function. There´s no room here for I like that or I don´t like that, there is only room for it´s effective or not. I am interested in finding ideas that will be remembered effectively and draw attention.”

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