Thursday, October 11, 2012

Link Round-Up: October 11, 2012

"The Black Keys are undoubtedly one of our favorite bands. We’ve had the recent honor of creating our second poster for them, which is for tonight’s Phoenix Arizona show. It’s a four color 18″x24″ screen print and has an edition of 180. These will be available for purchase in our online store starting tomorrow, October 10, 2012."

Italian artist Lorenzo Durantini makes sculptures from old VHS tapes, including a 5-foot tall tower composed of 2,216 VHS tapes that looks like the artifact from Dead Space.

Massive New Arkham Asylum Lego Set Announced!

Sick of explaining what happened? If you send the digital file of your X-ray to Colorado-based company Casttoo, they will custom print your break and send it back to you so you can apply it to your orthopedic cast directly.

This Japanese software technology turns 2D drawing into interactive 3D content for use with touchscreen devices

Your favorite Original Star Trek episode is now a fancy T-shirt thanks to WeLoveFine.

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