Monday, October 1, 2012

Link Round-Up: October 1, 2012

Star Wars Two by Andy Vanoverberghe

"Star Wars Two" by Andy Vanoverberghe
8” x 8” prismacolor marker, sharpie, and colored pencil on wood for 88 strong show at The Goodfoot in Portland.

Adobe is getting in on Google's act, offering 500 font familes of Typekit fonts for you to use for free on your website.

Dishonoured video game concept art - in pictures

“Gangnam Style” crooner Psy is now appearing (translated from Korean) on McDonald’s bags in the land from which he hails. While I didn’t search to see if any commercials had been made, on the advice of a friend I went looking for his K-Pop anthem being performed by the Oregon Marching Band and the Ohio University Marching Band.

Illustrator Marc Morera (aka “Mu“) has created a wonderful series of Star Wars Infographics that show character progression, alliances and conflicts throughout the Star Wars movies, animated series, comic books and major novels. The entire series of infographics can be viewed on Marc’s website.

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