Friday, October 5, 2012

Lego Creations: Super Star Destroyer

"Jedi Mickey" is a sixteen year-old German Star Wars enthusiasts.  His astonishingly large Star Destroyer weighs over 30 kilos, is over two meters long, and took over two thousand hours to build over the course of two years.  That is some serious fanboy love.  I sincerely hope Lego or Lucas Films takes some notice, because this is a feat worthy of some recognition.
"I´m very proud to present you my Executor after 2 years of building, troubles, problems and so on. But I had very much fun to design Darth Vader's flagship. As I began to design the first of fifth versions, I was a bad Lego builder. With the time I built better and better and the result you see here. So a long way is going to an end, now."




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