Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Electronic Art: Circuit Board Fossils

"Circuit Board Fossils" by Peter McFarlane

Mixed media artist Peter McFarlane uses reclaimed circuit boards to create delicate sculptures inspired by nature. His whimsical approach to art and to life, results in innovative use of materials that would normally be destined for the landfill. Speaking about his work Peter says, "The used object is just the foothold for my interrogation of understanding. It is not so much about re-cycling as it is about a poetic re-contextualizing of object and idea."

"To me, waste is just lack of imagination. This belief carries beyond the boundaries of my art production and permeates most aspects of my life. Most of my home and studio, and much of everything in them, is recycled. I’ve always had an epic imagination along with a driving desire to make things. Thus, used objects have pared my options down to a workable, manageable level. No object is beyond artistic merit, meaning and metaphor. So why throw it out? The materials of my work are connected intrinsically to my ideas, be they tailored beyond recognition or left as found. Each piece I make resurrects an object as an idea specific to the material and the meaning inherent in its use. The history of the object — from the manufacture to the dumpster — embellishes its contexts and the possibilities I have to manipulate them. I have often made a connection with the objects that I’ve used in my everyday life or work experience: that which I know."

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