Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video: Cityscape 2095

Cityscape 2095 by AntiVJ

Cityscape 2095 is an audiovisual installation from AntiVJ that depicts an imaginary world city that’s less than heavenly. It’s the result of a collaboration between graphic designer turned animator, AntiVJ cofounder Yannick Jacquet, aka Legoman, and Marc Ferrario, aka Mandril, a French draftsman and cartoonist.
This installation, using a mix of drawings, video projections, and sound, shows the passing of a day in an imaginary city in fast forward. Cityscape 2095 puts the spectator at the summit of a tower facing the horizon. The design of this imaginary city is marked by numerous architectural influences, making it both familiar, yet impossible to localize. The sound design created by Thomas Vaquié reinforces this disturbing strangeness.

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