Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sculpture: Dark Cloud 9

"Dark Cloud 9" by Seong-Woon Shim
Source: The Creators Project
Seong-Woon Shim draws inspiration from his childhood experience of building plastic models. In his current work, one can also spy a hint of RPG games like Neon Genesis Evangelion, where humans hop onto gigantic robots which stride into the horizon. Each of Shim’s pieces resembles something you’d see in a big budget sci-fi production, and despite their immense size, each part is painstakingly detailed.

Shim’s concepts derive from the marriage between humanity and robotics. Over time, sci-fi films and animation have seen robots increasingly evolving into human forms. Seeing this as a union of the human body’s organic form and the mechanical form machinery, Shim has dubbed his method “orchanic.”

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