Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweets: Brain Slug Cupcakes


Brain Slugs! by Alicia Policia
And so this past weekend, I made some Futurama brain slug cupcakes for a birthday celebration. We needed something that could travel to the pub, be delicious, be to the birthday boy's liking in terms of content, and fairly quick and easy to make, just like last year's Zappa Utility Muffins.

I opted to make the brain slugs themselves from gum paste, with royal icing eyes, and flower stamen antennae that I attempted to dye green with food coloring (and very vaguely succeeded in doing so). They are vanilla cupcakes from scratch, with some slightly grenadine flavored buttercream icing brains.
And they were as tasty as the sweet, sweet fluids the brain slugs crave themselves!

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