Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Installation: Game Of Space

On exhibit at SICF12 in Tokyo and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima
This installation was created using "Game of Life" cellular automaton devised by John Conway to represent the emergence of self-organizing systems. A cellular automaton is a discrete model that consists of a regular grid of cells and simple rules, studied in many fields including mathematics and science. We developed this system in 3d models and tested it across projects of various scales.

The pattern that is created by this system is a mix of order and chaos, which is similar to natural conditions. "Game of Space" expresses the complex phenomenon that is generated by simple rules, yet also creates architectural forms such as slabs and arches. Since cellular automaton is a scale-less system, we believe the system can work in different design fields. Some different scaled figures are located inside this installation to visualize the world that is created by cellular automaton.

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