Friday, January 27, 2012

Link Round-Up: January 27, 2012

Source: Facebook

Casio has some weird science magic that can make 3D sculptures out of 2D pictures. I'm hoping it also plays music when you hit the "demo" button.

Fox News (or some branch thereof) has gone after DC Comics' reboot for being too smutty. That's arguable, but the article also points out that Fox still holds several Marvel movie properties.

My next big dream project is somehow getting Lovecraft-inspired carpets in our house without my wife noticing.

Reddit's r/EarthPorn is the largest of the SFW Porn Network, dedicated to hi-res photos.

SOPA-compliant B*tman fan-art by Dean Trippe.

Star Wars Lego minifigs are invading London, the Doctor remains unavailable to help due to the trademark lawyers being unable to stop having seizures.

Want to take photos that are two stories high? Get a 35 foot long camera.

When stuffed animals are no longer adoptable, rest assured that their skins are being recycled as art.

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