Friday, May 6, 2011

Link Round-Up: May 6, 2011

Via: Society6

12 Coolest Bedroom Designs from

Atlas and P-Body action figures from Portal 2 by Chris Hooton 

The Stolen Scream. In 2006, photographer Noam Galai posted a handful of dramatic self-portraits to Flickr. Unbeknownst to him, his screaming face slowly took on a life of its own (often as a symbol of unrest or protest), appearing in countless permutations the world over. In this mini-documentary, Noam is surprisingly pragmatic about his accidental fame, and the fact that he only got paid once for the legal use of the picture. 

Sword & Sworcery EP is "a brave experiment in I/O cinema with an archetypical video game aesthetic." To put it more simply, it's an arthouse adventure game with unique pixel graphics, available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Featuring music by Jim Guthrie, S&S is inspired by the Legend of Zelda, Carl Jung, Tim Schafer, and David Lynch. Trailer.

Worth 1000 Words has posted a gallery of Modern Renaissance Paintings

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