Friday, May 20, 2011

Link Round-Up: May 20, 2011

This is the 3 Man Chess Variant, played on a round board  It's not quite as exotic as Sheldon's Three Person Chess from The Big Bang Theory, but it's easier to remember the rules.  The rules fairly simple.  Most of the additional rules are border control rules and guidelines regarding how to deal with the circle in the center of the board, which basically boil down to “just ignore it.”

In 1992, comic book titan Stan Lee produced and hosted an interview/chalk talk-type video series featuring some of the biggest names of the day and all-time greats: Todd McFarlane! Rob Liefeld! Sergio Aragones! Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis! John Romita and John Romita! Will Eisner! Bob Kane! Whilce Portacio! Jim Lee! Be amazed as Todd, Rob, Whilce, and Jim create a comic book! Be astounded as Rob and Todd, ably assisted by Smilin' Stan, create a comic book character right before your eyes!

Our Lives As Told by Nails

Patience, Fortitude and a Whole Lot of Legos

Primax Studio offers this interactive presentation of the Scale of the Universe.

SFF Origami in the Hands of a Master

Starcraft 2 Papercraft is Surprisingly Realistic

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