Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafts: Model Portal Turret

Yes that's a real laser. No fancy Photoshop work here.

So now that Portal 2 has come out, I'm sure many of you have noticed that there were some significant changes made to the design of the Turret. As a result of this my Turret with be designated Version 1.0 or Classic and be representative of the design from the original game.

So here it is! A fully finished Portal Turret after many, many months of work. Though the final product was a long time coming, I am extremely excited with the outcome! Major props to my wife, Dena, for the body painting and glossy finish! The weather was against me, and she helped me to pull it together by doing the majority of the painting. After her absolutely amazing work weathering my plasma rifle, I was more then willing to bring her on board for this project as well. Check out my other photos for details on the build. The turret stands 38 inches tall.

This is the best shot of the control panel for the whole turret. We have a main power switch, power source selector, wall power plug, battery compartment access and a button the overrides the motion sensor and plays the theme song.

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