Monday, January 24, 2011

Posters: Sim City

This poster is part of Guyatt's larger Video Game Movie Poster series, that includes Bioshock, Dead Space, Fallout 3, and Tetris. You can buy a print online.
I made this piece entirely in Photoshop, it took approx 17 hrs to complete after including alot of research, name finding & release date searching. I was surprised to find out about all the versions that came before the SNES version. The size of this poster is 11"x17"

I included a few things in the poster that were in the game. Such as the RCI indicator. The buildings and the poster itself was entirely created using only the colors blue/green/yellow to represent the 3 building types commercial/residential/industrial.

The release date was from the time when Nintendo didn't give specific dates for release only month timeframes. At the time as well Maxis was independent and not owned by EA.

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