Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artist: Brian Despain

Brian Despain will be exhibiting his work at the Seattle-based Roq La Rue gallery next month. Opening Friday, February 11th, Tin Machines and Mercuric Dreams will highlight the artist’s expertise with the brush, with a new series of brilliantly rendered oil paintings of his signature whimsical robots amidst desolate landscapes. This exhibit will also feature a range of three-dimensional working, including his first two bronze sculptures. I've posted some of his work below, though the painting above is the only piece that I can verify will be on display at the show

See more of Despain's work and join the discussion at The Artchival forums.
See one of Despain's previous gallery exhibits.

Bronze Sculpt Patina

Mr. Bubble's Birthday

Piscis Ex Machina

Dead Air

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