Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crafts: The Burrow in Gingerbread

CraftSter forum user mezcraft recreated "The Burrow," the Weasley family home from the Harry Potter movie series, in gingerbread and brown icing. She writes:

"I love the Weasley's home or what is formally known as "The Burrows" . It's a crazy d-i-y house that has different windows and different doors and it's a bit ramshackle and there is magic all mixed with "muggle" stuff and it feels to me like a house full of love.

I made the shingles out of shreddies than sprayed them with colourmist icing colouring, then I did some undershading with brown icing.

My favourite part of the whole thing was these little sweaters on a laundry line that I added. I wanted to make something to reflect how much of an awesome D-I-Y-er Molly Weasley was by making all her kids monogrammed sweaters for Christmas. So each one of them is a like a wee tiny Gingerbread cookie.

I also used Cinnamon Sticks because I need a really long, tall, strong piece to help support the weight of the upper layers. I was quite worried about that when I got started but it held up really well and when we took it apart ( as in munched on tasty gingerbread) it actually was very difficult! By the end I just ended up smashing it! This was tons of fun and I can't stop seeing Gingerbread details on houses all around town and thinking about next year already!"

Source: Craftster via Geek Crafts

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