Monday, February 27, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: February 27, 2017


Eating Authors: Darin Kennedy
Q & A With D. Nolan Clark, author of Space Opera novel Forsaken Skies


Astronomers Have Discovered A Tatooine-Like Star system
Astronomers May Have Just Discovered Luke Skywalker's Home World
"Black Mirror" Just Signed On The Perfect Director And Actor For Season 4
Dune Movie Remake Finds A Director
In China, This Is Science Fiction'S Golden Age
Incorporated Canceled By Syfy After One Season
Iron Fist Photos: Explore Netflix's Latest Marvel Series
Netflix Ceo: Our Future Audience May Be Ai Lifeforms
New Novel Looks At Time Travel And Responsibility
Roborace Unveils Robocar, The World's First Ai-Powered, Self-Driving ...
Roborace Unwraps Its Driverless Electric Car
Sci-Fi Hall Of Fame Grand Opening At Mopop This Week
SpaceX have announced the first space tourism mission to the Moon, launching next year. The two private citizens will be flying in the new Dragon 2 spacecraft and launched by the Falcon Heavy, which will undergo testing this summer. With the launch of a Falcon Heavy priced at $90 million, the mission as a whole will likely cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Star Trek: Discovery Release Date Scheduled For Early Fall 2017
Suicide Squad Wins An Oscar, Along With Arrival And A Few Others
Syfy's "Incorporated" Canceled After One Season
Untitled Han Solo Star Wars story High-Res Cast Image
Ursula K. Le Guin, Ann Patchett Voted Into Arts Academy
Vera Farmiga Joins The Godzilla Sequel
Worlds Beyond: Nebula Showcase Anthology Offers Sci-Fi Highbrow


Horizon Zero Dawn Review: A Beautiful Post-Apocalypse
The Stars Are Legion Is A Space-War Story Unlike Anything You've Read
The Return of Samurai Jack Is Everything You Wanted 


3 Ways That Disney World Might Blow Avatar Land
The 8 Best Sci-Fi films With Minimal Dialog
10 Games That Would Make Goodmovies (No, Seriously)
Black Holes May Be Way More Murderous Than We Realized
The Creator Of Sastra Robotics Is Turning Sci-Fi real
The Dangers Of Adapting Anime To Live Action
Evil Clowns Beat 'Star Trek Beyond" Aliens At The 2017 Oscars
Five Film Franchises That Deserve Big Budget Game Adaptations
Four Brilliant And Unsettling fictional podcasts
I Am Science Fictionin carnate; I Am Handle
Is The World Ready For The First Superhero Blockbuster
Orphan Black: First Look At The Upcoming Fifth & Final Season
Science Vs. The Expanse: Is It Possible To Colonize Our Solar System?
Star Wars: JJ Abrams Wants Mark Hamill To Get An Oscar
Star Wars: Rogue One's Director Used VR To Get The Best CG Shots
Star Wars: Will We Get Luke Skywalker's Post-Return Of The Jedi
Superstar Wars is Still Super Crazy After 25 Years
Thrawn's Office On Star Wars Rebels Was Full Of Easter Eggs
The Walking Dead: Is Eugene Building A Deathstar?
Why "The 100" Is The Best Political Show On Television
Why The Force Isn'T With Star Warsat The Oscars
You Can Go To The Moon If You Want. Here's How



Bright: First Trailer For David Ayer's Sci-Fi mash-Up Starring Will Smith
Final "Kong: Skull Island" Trailer Shows Why Kong Is King
Sci Fi Short Film Code 8
Sci-Fi short Film Project Shows How Amazon's Drones Will Destroy Us All
Terminator-Style Cyborg Created In Russia

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