Thursday, February 23, 2017

Link Round-Up: February 22, 2017

Adam Savage shows off an insanely intricate Board Game for Jim Henson's LABYRINTH from Weta.  I would happily dedicate a room to this set.

The Creator's Code

Download 20 Free eBooks on Design from O’Reilly Media

The Enduring Appeal of Macintosh Picasso Artwork

A jazz variation on the Harry Potter theme

Justin Cyr makes pixel art, and has done a number of 32x32 portrait studies using the 16 color MSX palette. Here's 16 portraits. Wait, here's a timelapse of 16 portraits. Hold on, geez, here's 500 portraits. No, wait, shit, here's over a thousand. Also, hey, an animated 8-bit kraken.

Make your own Calvin And Hobbes Time Traveling Terrarium

Rethinking The Ethics Of Photoshop

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