Monday, December 30, 2013

Posters: Akira

TETSUO by Orlando Arocena

"I've always have been a fan of Katsuhiro Otomo's creativity. His elaborate characters and profund interpretation of society, often reflects a familiar impression about the philosophy of relationships.

The 1988  movie adaptation of Otomo's story depicted a cyber-punk japan in the year 2019 ( only 5 years from now...) and had an incredible influence upon me- a city boy from the Bronx-ready to embark on pursuing a curriculum of art at Pratt Instiute. It's with the utmost respect, that I pay tribute to him and his story of AKIRA with this vector tribute - and I now share it with you."
COLONEL by Orlando Arocena
   KEI by Orlando Arocena

KENADA by Orlando Arocena

   TAKASHI by Orlando Arocena

BIKE by Orlando Arocena

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