Monday, December 23, 2013

Link Round-Up: December 23, 2013

Interview: Ben McCool talks about his work on the Valiant 8-bit motion comic.

Interview: Tom Spurgeon kicks off his holiday interview series with a lengthy chat with Paul Pope, whose Battling Boy was one of the notable graphic novels of the year.

io9 names its choices for The Best New Webcomics of 2013

On Fanfic and the Sherlock Q&A Incident: What happened at the Q&A by a reviewer who was there - Sherlock Season 3 preview. The buzz began with The Telegraph. Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and fanfic: don't mess with these women (and men). Then, the bloggers jumped in, beginning with Savvyliterate. Then, authors began weighing in, including Mary Robinette Kowal in "My Thoughts on Fanfic." It is now officially a kerfuffle.

Scott Snyder is the subject of a glowing profile in The New York Times, which states the writer has “reinvented Batman in the past two years, deepening and humanizing the Dark Knight’s myth — in the making since 1939 — like no one since Frank Miller in the 1980s.”

This Man Is Making The Guns Of The Future In His Apartment

Visual linguist Neil Cohn explains how comics have a language all their own.

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